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Private Lesson
Hello...and thanks again! Hi Bill, I am back home in Ottawa after a successful trip to Orlando. I want to thank you for making time for me while I was in Florida. It was such a pleasure to meet you and to hear your incredible range, power and ease of playing! Thanks also for the kind words of encouragement. I am keen to work on those exercises you gave me, to make my playing easier and increase my range and endurance! I hope to come and see you again some time, perhaps next June, if not sooner. Best regards, Ian

Online Lesson
Loved what you had to say. I think I got the most out of the breathing. I have been working on the breathing but I wasn't getting it completely until I saw what you did with your gut and you embochure. So I tried set by picking a high not which was a high F and with that set position I reached a double C, although not strong I got it. I then tried the high F and it was pretty good and strong. So now how do you get to tonguing up high and keep from getting a head rush? Chuck

Intensive Lessons
Email #1:
Bill, That was the most informative and enjoyable time I have spent in recent times, professionally. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is a lot for me to reflect on, so I will e-mail more thoroughly when I get home to the UK, but we would love to see you in October, at a Disney show, and possibly have you and your wife visit with us here at Mayflower Villa! Still trying to get my head around 12 hrs playing yesterday! Awesome, my friend. Plenty for me to live up to, in the name of musical enjoyment. Any books beside the Vizzutti, you can recommend, or e-mail, will be gratefully received. I would also love to play more duets etc with you on the next trip! I will be in touch next week. This is going to be a great adventure! Thanks once again!
Warm Regards, John

Email #2:
Bill, Just arrived home, and though jet lagged, started to go thru what we did. Doing the C, pedal C and then up, I managed a double G 3 times, so thats a big start as I haven't played one on this embouchure for 28 yrs, so now to build on that! Do you have anything else that will build chops like that, or can you recommend any other tutor. I hope to receive your CD shortly, and look forward to continued contact. Regards, John

Email #3:
Hi Bill, BOY I was back to work this morning, but, thanks to the great Bill C, my lip felt great and I managed 3hrs 30 mins when normally I would manage 2hrs 30 after a holiday. AND I was asked to do a funeral tomorrow, so WEY HEY DUDE! And I've just been through Emma's finals pieces and th'old lip was easier tonight thanks to your warm up beforehand. The only trouble is that I'm going to have to see you on every trip if you don't mind!!?? Regards, John

The Star-Spangled Banner
Great trumpet! Bill, my name is norm and I visited your website today and listened to the Star Spangled Banner. It is the most awesome arrangement I have heard, and your playing gave me goosebumps! I play in a community concert band in Johnson City, TN and would like to know if you do guest artist appearances with bands like us. Also, I am a 50 year old comeback player in my 10th year of starting over. Decent tune, terrible range (high c if I feel good).would really like to improve as I play a lot in church and the band, so I will be contacting you about this later.thank you for your time. You are a remarkable player! Norm

One Word...WOW!!! Hi, My name is Rex and I found your site as a link from the Maynard tribute site. I just have to say that your performance of the Star Spangled Banner is second to none. I am a lead player in my high school and that is the coolest version I have ever heard!!! I was wondering why I can't save and throw it on a cd? Also if you sell that arrangement I would be the first to buy it!!!! You are a true inspiration and I wish you the best!!! Thanks, Rex

Screamin' Instructional Video
Dear Bill; In May of this year, I purchased your "Screamin' the Final Embouchure" for my grandson, Tyler who is 13 and been playing the trumpet for 2 years now, he also added the flugel horn a year ago. I wasn't sure how much benefit he would derive from "Video Instruction" but I took the chance anyway, and he and I are both glad I took the chance. While his sight reading skills have been and continue to be excellent, his private teacher had been trying to get him to work on his embouchure for a while, saying: too many of your notes are a little sour.

Well, the long and short of it is this; he incorporated the video into his practice routine (this young man practices 2-3 hours a day-voluntarily!). In July, Tyler auditioned for a division of the Tacoma Youth Symphony-he was accepted!!! The equally good news is-one of the gentlemen who listened to and decide the auditions made the comment,  "Young man, your embouchure is TEXTBOOK PERFECT!" Quite an improvement in 2 months time! He is now a member of the Debut Winds/Orchestra division of the TYSA. He has also been selected to play in 2 bands at his school, the wind ensemble, and the jazz ensemble, no more sour notes. It is my sincere belief, that these accomplishments are in no small part due to your video! Thanks Bill. Michael W., WA

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