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Working with Warburton Music Products, Bill has designed two outstanding mouthpieces.

  • The WCC Signature (William C. Carmichael)
  • The Drop V-Cup

Among professional players, Warburton Music Products is one of the most respected names in the industry. What distinguish Warburton mouthpieces apart from others are their precision machining and their consistency.  For the professional player, it's imperative that each mouthpiece play and feel exactly the same.

The Drop V-Cup Mouthpiece

This is the mouthpiece that Bill now uses. The Drop V-Cup is for players that like the advantages of a straight V-cup, like the MF Giardinelli 1, but would like more stability and accuracy while playing in the mid and upper registers and allowing bigger lower tones.

There are two two versions. The Drop V1 has a little less step down just under the rim. The Drop V2 has a little more step down under the rim.

The Drop V-Cup is also available with a composite rim. Bill's personal mouthpiece has the composite rim.

Technical Specs

  • Inner diameter: .600
  • Throat Size: 27
  • Cup type:  Drop Straight V-Cup

Watch the YouTube video about the Drop V-Cup


The WCC Signature Mouthpiece

This is the original- the very popular WCC Signature- since 2004, and still selling strong. The WCC top is designed for the lead trumpet player desiring a big sound in the low register and a full-bodied sound in the upper register that does not thin out. One of the main attributes of this mouthpiece is the cushion rim.  This rim is a little larger in width making it easy on your chops. Even though the inner diameter is rather small, the mouthpiece does not feel that way at all.

The WCC Signature plays great and is recommended to anyone who is looking for an edge in their sound.


Inside Diameter:  .590" (feels larger)
Outside Diameter:  1.100"
Cup type:  Shallow modified "V"

The mouthpieces are available in Bill's  Store.

Feel free to contact Bill if you aren't sure which one is best for you.


Thanks Bill for the Drop V mouthpiece. It's amazing! It's been a long time since I became excited just to take my horn out of the case. The amazing dynamic of this piece is that the entire range of the instrument opens up.
Usually when you choose a mouthpiece you have to compromise something; range for tone, or low end compromise for the top register. With this mouthpiece there is no need to compromise anything. The low end barks out! All the registers feel the same, and my volume as increased!

-Roget Pombriand
Former MF Band
Former Wild Cherry

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