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"Bill Carmichael is a breath of fresh 'musical' air. He instructed my trumpet section at band camp this past summer and it was a remarkable experience for both myself and my students. His playing ability and energy level were incredibly intense. He kept the students motivated in the heat of the sun with his quick-witted humor as he strengthened their sound and endurance in just two weeks time! The students adored him and are still talking about him to this day. Several of the students decided to study with him privately to  correct any embouchure difficulties that they had been experiencing. Bill Carmichael is passionate, congenial and professional man who emanates these qualities in all that he does.  I would highly recommend Bill to any marching band that wishes to take their trumpet section to 'the next level' of musicality."

Angela Abadilla Guzzi
Band Director Schenely High School

Bill's clinics aren't simply about watching him play high notes. The clinics cover proper breathing, air control, flexibility/fluidity, how to set your chops, and how to develop the proper embouchure to get more endurance in all registers, along with an open sound, while still being able to play clean, clear pianissimo passages in the low and middle registers.

Clinic Format
A clinic will run about 4-5 hours. The first couple of hours of the clinic will be a group session, followed by smaller break-out sessions that are more individualized. Additionally, Bill will make himself available for impromptu 1-hour private lessons immediately following the clinic or for the following day. It makes for a full day, but it is very rewarding and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Bill's teaching style and approach are very comforting and assuring. Nobody needs to fear that they will be embarrassed in front of others. When it comes to the new method, almost everybody will essentially be a beginner.

The clinics are great for trumpet players at every level- beginner, intermediate, advanced, and come-back players. To ensure everyone gets most out of the clinic, they are usually limited to about 30 players. Larger groups can be accommodated.

Contact Bill for more information on how to have a clinic in your city. For coordinating the clinic, Bill will give you an Intensive Private Lesson while he's in town.

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